Experience of use Erogan

Maxim, 27 years old, Kiev

Erogan's experience with feedback

After the first "failure", I wrote down everything on the nerves, physical labor experience and fatigue, and then I became nervous, erection and sex became more and more difficult. I started looking for a solution to the problem on the Internet because I didn't want to discuss this problem with the doctor.

In spite of some doubts, I chose a drug that treats Erogan for myself. But after using Erogan capsules for the first time, I immediately noticed these changes, and now my sex life has returned to my life with a new color. I am satisfied with the purchase. My partner and I do not regret spending money.

From the side, I personally have only a small stuffy nose in the morning, but this is probably due to the hot weather and the window opened, nothing else happened.

How to use? You only need to drink 2 capsules within half an hour.