Strengthening power

man with enhanced power

Power is the ability of men to have sex, and it is also the ability to conceive. It happens that the word power means normal erection.

They mostly talk more about power in men, less often in women. Many men dream of having great power. If this is not the case, then psychologists say that a man feels insecure, he can develop an inferiority complex.

Sometimes the stronger sex have something like a distorted perception of power, many people believe that a full man is when he is ready for sex anywhere, anytime and with any partner. However, the reality is very different and sex marathons are beyond the power of most men. This does not mean that they are incompetent, just that the physiology of each human body is unique in its own way.

You should know that the level of power in men depends on many factors, external and internal, mainly on the physical condition and the relationship with the partner.

When is power worth paying attention to?

Among the signs of a decrease in strength, experts call a significant decrease in interest in sexual intimacy, insufficient stiffness of the penis during erection, absence of spontaneous erection at night or in the morning, weakening of the erection during sexual intercourse and inability to complete it.

However, even with all these signs, the situation is not critical and there are ways to increase and enhance power.

Some experts recommend doing exercises that are specifically designed to enhance strength, but this view is highly controversial. At the same time, all the exercises for the penis can be found on the Internet and there are men who say that such a gym helped them.

Nutrition to enhance strength

But it is necessary to approach the issue of power enhancement in a comprehensive way. Let's start with the right diet. It has long been known that there are products whose use can increase potency.

First of all, it is recommended to start the morning with omelette. For maximum effect, onion should be added, which also helps to enhance the strength.

Male strength also increases the favorite dish of the majority of the stronger sex - meat, but you should not overdo it. In the Caucasus, a dish with ram testicles with the addition of onions and chicken eggs is often made for men.

Do not abandon the fish either. It also enhances male potency. As a side dish, it is better to use vegetables that are rich in vitamins.

Especially sexual activity is enhanced by tomatoes. They say that it is better to bake them in the oven or in the stew, then the result will be higher.

To increase the activity, you should also cook seafood - oysters, radishes, mussels.

Nuts and seeds also increase sexual activity. It is good to add coriander to the baking.

Interestingly, in Asia, Aegina pistachios are considered a good means of increasing strength, in addition, they strengthen the heart. But in southern countries, sexual activity is stimulated with the help of figs. Among the folk remedies for enhancing the work of the sex glands, pine cones are recommended, but in the Transcaucasus, sexual desire is increased with the help of fermented dairy products, especially brewed tea or coffee.

Regarding the use of various medicines, before buying them, you should definitely consult a doctor, otherwise it is easy to turn the expected result into damage to your health.

Strengthening power can be done in several ways, but choosing the best option is best to follow the physical and psychological characteristics of a man. It is recommended that you consult a specialist. In such a sensitive matter as the increase in male strength, you must be careful.