Hypersexuality in men - where is the rule and where is the disorder

overstimulated man in bed with women

The concept of "hyperexcitability in men" can be seen from two perspectives: occasional (temporary) intense sexual desire, which in the absence of application leads to painful sensations and constantly increased libido (satire, hypersexuality). In the latter case, the permanent sexual arousal does not subside after ejaculation and significantly worsens the quality of life: the man can not concentrate on any activity, he is nervous, depressed. Such hypersexuality, in fact, resembles priapism - an absurdly painful erection that does not subside after ejaculation. The reasons can be both normal and psychogenic.

Causes and symptoms of hypersexuality

In young men, frequent sexual arousal, up to spontaneous ejaculation, is normal due to elevated testosterone levels. This is the so-called adolescent hypersexuality. The main symptoms are:

  • Feeling of enlargement of the genitals ("beaten eggs").
  • Increased sensitivity of the erogenous zones.
  • Intermittent fever, sweating.
  • Increased urination, often accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen and lower back.

Urologists usually do not pay much attention to complaints of hypersexuality if they come from young patients. Doctors send them to a psychologist, but only if they prescribe tests for genital infections.

Abnormal hypersexuality can be congenital (primary) or acquired. The congenital form of hypersexuality can be associated with pathologies of the central nervous system, endocrine disorders and mental disorders. The acquired form is divided into normal and pathological. In the first case, the increased sexual drive can be caused by stress or high testosterone levels in the blood.

The pathological form, as a rule, develops against the background of organic pathologies of the central nervous system. Caused by:

  1. Neuroinfection (encephalitis, meningitis).
  2. Head injury.
  3. Vascular lesions and brain tumors.
  4. Toxicity caused by the use of alcohol or drugs.

Hypersexuality in adulthood can be caused by endocrine disorders - an excessive amount of stress hormones or testosterone (due to overactive testicles or adrenal cortex).

Hypersexuality of a neurotic nature develops based on one's sense of inferiority, lack of confidence in one's male solvency. The constant desire for sexual intercourse in this case is an unconscious attempt to prove to oneself and others that there are no problems with one's intimate life.

Increased neurotic hypersexuality can occur in men of retirement age during the period of disappearance of sexual function. In this case, the reason is a subconscious desire to "stay in the classroom", to make up for what he may have lacked in his youth.

The difference between normal hypersexuality and abnormal

The boundary between hypersexuality caused by a strong sexual composition and caused by a pathological condition is arbitrary. Some men need sex more than once a day. It is normal if the process brings pleasure and satisfaction and the professional, creative and social activity does not suffer (developed needs structure). In this case, we can talk about a high level of vital energy and not pathological overstimulation.

Natural primary hypersexuality may be due to genetic characteristics. Men whose fathers were sexually active are more likely to follow in their footsteps.

Satire is a persistent painful need for sex that is almost impossible to get rid of. Over time, these men tend to be sexually perverted, as normal relationships become very awkward for them. Almost no time is given to other aspects of life. Such hypersexuality can be imaginary or manic. The latter form is much more difficult to correct.

The normal symptoms of hypersexuality in adult men are similar to those of adolescence:

  • Prolonged erection even from a fleeting erotic image, imagination.
  • Premature ejaculation?
  • Pulling sensations in the lower abdomen.

An important difference between pathology and the rule is that men with strong sexual composition are able to quickly switch to other types of activity (work, daily life) immediately after satisfying their normal sexual need. Pathological hypersexuality makes you literally immediately look for the possibility of new sexual intercourse.

Stimulation and pain in the testicles

Testicular pain due to unexplained sexual arousal occurs in many men, not necessarily hypersexual. The degree of discomfort is different for everyone. The pain can be so intense that it is difficult for a man to walk. This is due to excessive blood flow to the genitals, which leads to pinching of the nerve endings. As long as the patient relaxes or uses an anesthetic or antispasmodic.

The cause of pain during overstimulation can be varicose veins or infections of the genitals, the activity of which weakens the testicular tissue, disrupts their normal structure. If the symptom occurs regularly, you should consult a urologist.

If, with overstimulation, the inguinal discomfort is already felt, then masturbation or sex will not bring relief. On the contrary, orgasm can be blurred and ejaculation can be very painful. The pain will be felt for about two more hours and in some men it will not go away for several days. You can relieve the discomfort with aspirin. Mint infusion will help relax smooth muscles.

The only way to prevent pain is to avoid overstimulation. If you have an affair without intimacy, but sexual affection is not ruled out, then it is better to ejaculate in advance. It sounds strange, but this option is better than then because of the "reversal" to experience many hours of acute pain, which literally goes out of normal life.

Other problems of hypersexuality

Increased stress in men, inability to control the degree of sexual desire can become a serious problem. With any challenge, even in public, an erection occurs, which can be difficult to hide.

Absurd situations often arise: sexual overstimulation during foreplay (often accompanied by the release of lubricant from the Cooper glands) ends with the penis drooping during insertion or premature ejaculation even before it.

Hypersexuality prevents you from focusing on important work issues. Such men are not able to concentrate, to show initiative, which is why they often lose promising jobs.

How to get rid of obsessive hypersexuality

Treatment for hypersexuality depends on the cause. Physiological factors must first be eliminated. To do this, you should start with a visit to the urologist, make sure that there are no pathologies of the reproductive system, check the level of hormones. A neurologist (neurologist) will help diagnose problems with the brain and spinal cord.

Psychogenic hypersexuality is treated by psychologists-sexologists. You can only help the patient if he knows the problem and wants to get rid of it. The choice of methods depends on how rich a man's intimate life is, in what ways, apart from sex, he can enjoy, what efforts he is ready to make for treatment. If the patient is unable to concentrate and interact with a psychologist, hypnosis is used. Along with psychotherapeutic methods, if necessary, antidepressants, sedatives and hypnotics are prescribed.

What to do at home

Sexual arousal can haunt from morning till night. If hypersexuality is not caused by physical pathologies, then you can try the following methods to reduce it:

  1. Take a cool shower, empty your bladder or do your daily activities. We must remember that morning erection is a normal phenomenon, a sign of the absence of vascular impotence.
  2. It is recommended to dedicate all your free time during the day. Endurance training (moderate cardio, light reps) can help relieve sexual tension. Exercises with heavy weights, squats, mixing and lifting legs, on the other hand, will lead to the activation of the genitals.
  3. Before going to bed, it is recommended to take a sedative so that the psycho-emotional activity starts to slow down.

You can try to deal with hypersexuality with the help of herbal teas or herbal remedies. It is important to keep in mind that such funds, especially valerian, start operating only after several days of regular use (cumulative effect).

If hypersexuality is caused by alcohol or drug poisoning, then without getting rid of bad habits, the situation can not be corrected. You can help the body by removing toxic substances by taking enterosorbents.


Excessive excitement, hypersexuality is much worse than decreased libido. In the latter case, many men lead a full social life, succeed in professional activities, without paying much attention to the lack of sex. Addiction to it makes a person emotionally (and then physically) disabled. True hypersexuality rarely develops. Basically, men themselves cultivate in their minds the need to have sex. Such thoughts are implanted by a specific information environment, environment. Experts believe that the higher the level of spiritual development, as well as the degree of employment of a person, the less likely he is to develop any kind of mental addiction.