Herbs to increase strength in men direct action

The decrease in libido in a strong half of humanity can have several reasons, the most common of which is insufficient blood circulation to the pelvic organs. At the same time, a decrease in sexual activity occurs against a background of lack of oxygen and nutrients. Any method of treatment, even herbs to increase strength in men, must be agreed in advance with a doctor.

dried herbs for activity

Features of herbal medicine

Plants that increase male potency can, in some cases, be completely useless, especially if this pathology is caused by a lack of testosterone in the body. If the synthesis of the hormone is insufficient, then the male libido will not manifest to the required degree. At the same time, herbs not only will not bring the desired result, but are also able to harm the body.

Medicinal plants are also powerless in diagnosed disorders of the nervous system.

Most often, the solution to libido problems in case of testosterone deficiency or the presence of nervous diseases is achieved by taking antidepressants and hormone therapy.

Medicinal herbs for potency will have a positive effect only if the violation of male desire is caused solely by the wrong lifestyle or insignificant physiological factors.

Medicinal herbs that increase the activity, it is recommended to be used as an adjunct in the treatment with the pill for hormonal disorders or chronic diseases.

Herbs for increasing male potency are selected for each patient individually, which is associated with a number of their contraindications. In addition, some decoctions can cause a significant worsening of existing diseases, which, in turn, will lead to a worsening of the condition.

Do not forget that herbs for strength can cause a strong allergic reaction. Intolerance to natural remedies occurs in an average of 25% of patients. In the presence of allergic reactions, herbal preparations to increase potency are unacceptable.

Due to the peculiarities of natural medicines, it is not recommended to prescribe them yourself. Any herbal decoction to increase activity must be previously agreed with your doctor.

However, most libido-boosting herbs for men are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for use at any age. Most often, their use is recommended after 50 years, when the age-related change in blood circulation in the body becomes the cause of impotence.

parsley to increase strength


One of the simplest answers to the question of which herbs increase activity in men is parsley. However, the presence of renal impairment is contraindicated, whether it is partial or complete organ failure. Under no circumstances is it recommended to use independent parsley tinctures without the knowledge of a doctor.

Among the main advantages of the plant:

  1. availability, low price and possibility of development in your own garden.
  2. the presence of a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements useful for male libido in the root and greens of parsley. Among them are zinc, chromium and selenium, which increase endurance and have a beneficial effect on male potency.
  3. the presence of apigenin - a substance that enhances the sexual abilities of men by reducing female sex hormones.
  4. regulation of the blood supply to the pelvic organs, which is always of primary importance for the improvement of the power.

All these properties of the plant, which have a positive effect on the male erection, are harmoniously combined with ease of use. If power problems recur systematically, doctors recommend using parsley every day. Its effect will be much stronger than herbal activity pills, since a natural product enters the body.

If you want variety, you can use different recipes, where parsley will be the main ingredient:

  1. The pre-cut greens are mixed with olive oil, eaten half an hour before a meal at least 3 times a day. The average course of treatment lasts more than a month.
  2. a mixture of parsley and chopped rose (about 100 g), dry red wine (180 ml) and honey (180 ml). The ingredients are mixed and left in the refrigerator for a week, the mixture is taken in a spoon before meals 3 times a day.
hawthorn to increase strength


This plant has long been known for its ability to increase blood circulation, prevent blood stasis due to the stimulation of its movement and also increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

The easiest way is to use hawthorn for activity in the form of tincture, which is prepared according to the following scheme: 2 tablespoons fresh fruit washed well, fill with vodka in an amount of 400 ml. Further, the future medicine for strength is placed in a warm place for a week. Once the product is ready, you should drink it 3 times a day before meals in an amount of 30 drops.

As this product contains alcohol, it can be used only by people who do not have diseases of the nervous system, as well as pathologies of various organs. Alternatively, a variation of tincture in plain water is offered: 4 tablespoons of the plant are poured with boiling water in a quantity of 400 ml, boiled on low heat for about 10 minutes. cools. The resulting broth should be taken in a glass in the morning immediately after waking up. The general course of treatment is one month.

thyme to increase power


Thyme is an excellent choice for the treatment of male impotence caused by poor circulation. It has the following results:

  • antiseptic;
  • antimicrobial;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • calming down.

These properties make it possible to use thyme not only as a medicine to increase strength, but also to strengthen the nervous system, calm under pressure and also as an aid in the treatment of diseases of the urogenital system. Thyme is often prescribed if male potency is reduced during the treatment of prostatitis or adenoma.

The most effective is the thyme oil, which is prepared as follows: 150 g of the plant is crushed and poured with pumpkin oil in a volume of 300 g. Then the solution is simmered in a water bath for about 5 minutes and then simmered, remove from the heat and filter. This medicine should be used during massage of the penis or perineum.

If you combine thyme with mint in the same proportion and pour a glass of boiling water and then let it boil overnight, you can get a wonderful herbal decoction that you can drink to improve the activity. You only need 125 ml of the prepared solution per day to notice a positive result after a few weeks.

propolis to increase potency

What helps fast?

Herbal infusions are intended for the gradual normalization of disturbed blood circulation. However, some prescriptions can quickly have a visible effect without the need to use chemicals from pharmacies:

  1. Propolis - a product of the vital activity of bees, not only has a great effect on the restoration of the body's immunity and kills pathogenic microbes, but also restores the man to his former sexual power. The pre-chilled pure propolis is finely chopped, placed in glassware and poured with pure alcohol. The future drug requires exposure for about a week, during which time it should be shaken periodically. The tincture should be taken in 40 drops per glass of clean water, the effect is felt almost immediately.
  2. Ginseng is an excellent aphrodisiac known for its ability to create direct blood flow to the penis. It is especially important to use it for older men, provided that the cause of impotence is not any pathology in the body. The easiest recipe is to mix the dried plant with vodka and let it cook for 3 days. The proportions of the future medicine are 1 teaspoon of ginseng per liter of vodka or pure alcohol. The duration of the infusion is 3 days. To take the drug for immediate effect, it should be 25 drops before scheduled sexual intercourse.
  3. The golden root is completely safe for the body, provided there are no pathologies. The easiest way to prepare the drug is to pour 100 g of plant root in ½ liter of ordinary vodka. Insist for about 2 weeks, then drain and take 25-30 drops before scheduled sex.
  4. Balsam - provides fast blood flow and helps prolong sexual intercourse. To prepare a tincture of vodka, it is better to use a fresh plant: 3 tablespoons of chopped St. John's wort is poured into 200 ml of liquid, infused in a cool place for about a week, after which the agent is taken in 25 drops?
  5. Aloe - the most valuable is the juice, which can have a beneficial effect on blood circulation, which leads to the stabilization of the genitals. The juice extracted from the aloe leaves is poured with "Kahor", honey is added to the resulting mixture. The future drug requires exposure for a week. For a lasting effect, the drug is consumed in a tablespoon just before the upcoming sexual intercourse.

Why are herbs better?

Despite the abundance of various pharmacological drugs for increasing potency, which are presented on the shelves of pharmacy chains, more and more patients prefer traditional medicine. This is due to some of the benefits of using herbs.

The cost of drugs that can increase libido is usually very high. Not every man with genital warts can have the financial means to buy another drug. And herbal remedies are available.

Ease of use also distinguishes herbal medicine, as the tincture usually requires only water or an alcohol-containing liquid to form.

In addition, a drug based on natural ingredients is safer than its chemical counterpart, the number of side effects of which is sometimes very high.

Herbal impotence treatment, therefore, gives excellent results and allows you to quickly establish blood circulation in the pelvic organs. However, you should consult your doctor first.