How to tell if a man is horny

woman with a horny man

In order for a man to have sexual interest in the opposite sex, it is not at all necessary to create a romantic setting with candles. This can happen anywhere, anytime. An erotic background can occur unexpectedly during work, walking in the woods or casual conversation.

To the question: "How to understand that a man is aroused? " - every girl will answer with confidence that it is perceived by the erection. In fact, not everything is as primitive as it seems. Psychologists confirm that the desire to possess a woman betrays the look, facial expression, body movements of a man. Speech can only convey the information that a person intends to convey to others and the face and body will express the true feelings and state of an excited man.

To understand that a man is aroused, there are certain signs.

The most proven and accurate way to check if a man is horny is to look at his pants just below the waist, or even better, touch his hand.

Erection is the predominant sign of a man's sexual arousal. At the time of bleeding in the head of the penis, the male organ hardens. In this case, the internal pressure may coincide with the blood pressure, which allows the organ to change shape and increase in size.

There are times when, with emotional sexual arousal, no erection occurs. This is a sign of vascular disease, diabetes, psychological distress or stress.

Non-verbal cues

There are many non-verbal body signals that say better than any other word about a man's sexuality.

  • During the conversation, the guy begins to inadvertently approach the object of his attention. And gradually the distance between the bodies inevitably decreases. This will be followed by a light touch of hands and feet. This gesture will not involve active action, it will be almost invisible. But somehow a new love story can begin.
  • Excited man hugs woman with a glass of wine
  • If a woman is close, the man wants to touch her, to hug her. But it happens that the conditions do not allow this and he tries to grasp his hands: he fastens and unbuttons his collar, pinches with a tie, turns a button, smoothes and upsets his hair, pulls his jacket. With enough arousal, the young man wants his partner to know. A man can get excited when he touches her hand or other parts of the body, straightens the lady's hair, looks for a mutual look, while literally leaning close. So do not be surprised when an outwardly calm gentleman suddenly starts actively helping out of the car or serving a coat. Everything is understandable: pleasant gestures of participation are another way to touch the object you are interested in. When sexual arousal comes, the guy starts stroking and twirling in his hands an object that has fallen into his hands, which is shaped like a cylinder. Whether it is a pen, a glass, etc. This is no longer a signal, but a decisive appeal.

Courtship stage

If a man expresses sexual sympathy for a woman, then he will definitely define it by his behavior. If the meeting takes place in a restaurant, then he will fill the glass with wine, offer a snack and help sit in a chair and get up from it. He will do all this not only through good upbringing, but his actions will be guided by the instinct of the male authority - to get an extra chance to touch the object of his desire. This expression of concern suggests that the young man is planning a breakfast together.

A man's poses

romantic date and horny man

Observing a sexually interesting girl, the internal switch of the female heart conqueror changes to the "alpha male" position. And here begin movements that will say about a man's interest: fast pulling of the abdomen, straightening of the back (indication of good physical shape), turning the shoulders, sitting, raising the legs. Such a gesture, as it were, indicates that he has somethingto offer to a woman.

In addition, in the face of the theme of his cult, the guy tries to appear in a favorable light. He straightens, pulls his stomach, straightens his chest.

Sometimes the signs of initial arousal can be read by touching the face (nose, chin, ears). Women also have such gestures. They betray enthusiasm. And touching or licking their lips unequivocally indicates the sexual nuances of these manipulations.

Natural reactions

  • Rapid breathing, dilated pupils, parted lips, slightly hoarse voice - this is a conditional signal that a man's thoughts are working in a certain direction.
  • Slightly dilated nostrils seem to catch the scent of the female, which indicates obvious sympathy.
  • At the same time, thirst appears, which is associated with an increase in body temperature.
  • Visible blush on the cheeks.
  • Touching the chin, nose, ears. According to psychologists, by stimulating these zones, the guy tries to hide the reflexive nervousness and self-erotic symptoms. When stimulated, the skin of the face becomes very sensitive to touch.
  • When a person is possessed by passion, he loses control of his gaze and speech. With a hazy look, he blushes and pales, even the most sensible man begins to carry such nonsense that a girl doubts his suitability. It's simple - at the moment, they process information that is not sent to the brain at all.
  • A sign of an excited state will also be the diversion of the topic of conversation to intimacy. An erotic relationship can be created in him when he discusses everyday and everyday things.

Any man is excited by the visual image. In order for a woman not to have to constantly monitor her erection and listen to her partner's breathing, for fear of losing a moment of initial excitement, it is worth learning to be interested in the man and to attract his attention.

And finally, a little advice - during love games, do not turn off the light, as a young man, who does not see a girl, will not be able to be aroused enough and will not know if he is ready for sexual exploitation.