The most effective folk remedies for increasing strength in men

Folk remedies for increasing strength in men include the use of decoctions and infusions with medicinal herbs. Ginger, ginseng, nettle seeds, parsley have a unique healing effect. The active ingredients of the plants improve blood circulation to the pelvic organs, restore hormone levels and prevent the development of stagnation in the genitals and testicles. Ice compresses or contrast baths will help you quickly eliminate the symptoms of impotence.

Disability: the main symptoms

The disease is diagnosed with partial erection or complete loss. The inability of a man to maintain sexual arousal during intercourse is considered a pathology. Signs of disability can develop based on psychogenic, neurogenic and organic factors. Weak power can be a concern from the age of 30 and up. The individual characteristics of the organism play an important role. However, according to medical statistics, the disease is completely curable.

Problems related to erectile dysfunction are defined by three types:

  1. Organic causes are based on diseases related to the cardiovascular and nervous systems, hormonal imbalances or the use of synthetic drugs.
  2. Psychological factors are caused by difficulties in family or professional life, stressful situations or sexual failures.
  3. Mixed ones occur as a result of the effect of a combination of all the factors and all the symptoms are very closely related to each other.

For effective treatment of impotence, it is important to undergo diagnostic tests. All the nuances of male health associated with the clinical picture of sexual dysfunction should be discussed with the treating physician. Choosing the right regular treatment determines not only the speed of recovery, but also the long-term maintenance of strength even after 60 years.

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Characteristics of traditional medicine

Folk remedies for increasing strength in men at home are popular due to the fact that they have virtually no contraindications and side effects.

You can increase your sexual activity by using thermal baths, medicinal herbs or by performing special physical exercises regularly.

Therapeutic baths

Baths with the use of medicinal infusions are among the original folk remedies for the treatment of impotence:

  • A laurel bath is prepared by injecting bay leaves (50 g per 1 liter of boiling water). The resulting product is poured into a hot bath immediately before taking. The process takes 25-30 minutes. You can increase the activity in 1 day by applying ice compresses one hour after such a bath. Small pieces of ice must first be wrapped in 5 layers of gauze. Apply cold for 60 seconds alternately on the neck, chest and scrotum. Repeat all 5 times. This tip is unique in its speed of action and increases effectiveness in just a few steps.
  • Mummy baths are indicated for impotence based on the inflammatory process or the initial stage of prostatitis. They improve the general tone of the body and contribute to the rapid restoration of sexual function. It is important to remember that the water should not be higher than 37 degrees. For a full bath for an adult male, you need to dilute 10 g of the final mummy. The total course of treatment is 20 days. The procedure is best done every other day.
  • Baths with turpentine emulsion activate blood circulation even in small capillaries of the penis. The work of the nervous and endocrine systems is improved, which in case of disability is an important stage on the way to recovery. This treatment is indicated for men diagnosed with sperm laxity. The procedure should be taken after consulting your doctor, starting with the addition of 5 ml of turpentine to the bath. Elimination of the manifestations of impotence begins immediately after treatment.
  • Contrast baths allow you to return the activity to your sex life in just 3 days. It is important to remember that their use is contraindicated in inflammation of the urinary system and in the clinical picture of prostatitis. A negative process in the small pelvis is almost always accompanied by painful sensations and the spread of pathogens. Exposure to cold can worsen the condition. In such a situation, staying in a container of cold water for a minute will help improve the erection. After that, be sure to put on warm socks and do a light warm-up.

Exercises to increase strength

Exercise is a proven way to improve blood flow to your pelvic organs. Each of the exercises is designed to restore testicular and penile tone. Regular home lessons help in an active sex life not only at a young age, but also after 40 years. This method of treatment will increase the activity forever, if it becomes a habit for many years.

Important principles for exercise therapy:

  • each set is recommended to be performed completely naked, so that the clothes do not obstruct movement.
  • adherence to breathing technique is required - with intensity, take deep breaths, with relaxation, always exhale.
  • the number of repetitions and the load should be increased gradually until complete recovery.

High schools:

  • The most effective of the restorative movements is pulling the testicles up while squatting in front of a mirror. When pulling the scrotum, you should pull the stomach and anus, holding the position for a few seconds and relax. The maximum number of repetitions for the initial stage is about 4-5 times. Gradually, the pull-ups should be increased up to 20 times for 4 repetitions. When the movements work well, you can do the same, but in a sitting or standing position.
  • It is important to stretch and contract the muscles of the anus and groin when doing the exercise lying on your back with your legs open. This is the simplest but most effective way to alleviate impotence.
  • Exercises for the buttocks are no less effective, according to the patients themselves. They can be made sitting on the floor or lying down. It is necessary to lift the buttocks alternately, while at the same time pressing the stomach. You need to hold out for 10-15 seconds and then relax. It is important to repeat all the movements to eliminate the symptoms of impotence 20 times. Over time, it turns out to increase the intensity and frequency of recurrences, but only after consulting your doctor.

Experts recommend that some of the exercises be done with caution in older men. After all, high loads or sudden movements can cause nerve endings or joint problems, which by this time have become quite fragile. It is important to follow the principle of moderation and perform only those exercises that are within your capabilities and do not cause discomfort.

exercises to increase strength

Medicinal herbs

Decreased strength not only causes permanent depressive states in men at any age, but can also become the leading cause of mental disorders. In the treatment of urological problems, there are many methods and methods of treatment.

Traditional medicine offers many quick-acting recipes based on medicinal herbs. Almost all infusions and decoctions can be used without side effects. The exception is individual intolerance to prescription ingredients.


Ginger root has long been considered a male plant. Its therapeutic effect increases the sensitivity of the erogenous zones, increases the level of the male hormone. Regular use of the decoction can improve blood circulation to the genitals. The unique composition of the plant's vitamins and minerals activates the sex glands. The high zinc content allows us to compare the use of ginger with a catalyst for increasing testosterone, which, in turn, reduces the risks of developing power.

In order to quickly restore strength, especially after 50 years, when there are also problems with blood pressure and significant physical weakness, the use of fresh ginger in food occurs. It is recommended to chew a small piece of plant root several times a day. Thus, ginger begins to act as a powerful aphrodisiac and regains male strength within a few days.

To restore the activity in a short time, you can continuously apply a mixture of equal proportions of honey, ginger and lemon as a tea additive. All the ingredients of this recipe are well mixed. The product should be stored in the refrigerator and taken at least 4 teaspoons throughout the day. In a situation where there is an allergic reaction to citrus, you can grind ginger root powder and take it with honey. Dosage - 1 teaspoon before going to bed.

To eliminate the manifestations of impotence, it is recommended to take 10 drops of ginger tincture in the morning and in the evening. It is prepared from crushed or ground ginger root (200 g) and 500 ml of alcohol or vodka. Insist 14 days, filter before use. The active ingredients of ginger adorn the body of a man with power for a long time. It is only important to use the drug every day, not forgetting the contraindications for patients with heart and blood vessels.


Ginseng tincture fights erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the genitals and restoring the production of male hormones. The improvement in the sexual performance of men is due to the regular use of the medicinal product. The improvement of the erection and the return of sexual desire is observed as a result of a direct effect on the endocrine system.

The recipe is based on whole or ground ginseng root powder. It should be filled with a glass of 70% alcohol. For about 9-10 days, the resulting composition is kept in a dark room in a glass container under a tight lid. Taking the drug occurs no more than 15 drops a day. The course of treatment is about a month until the drug is finished. As part of a general strengthening of the body, there is an increase in libido in a man.

The composition of 25 g of ginseng powder and 700 g of natural honey, injected for a week, will help return the activity to intimate life. Dosage - 1 tablespoon at bedtime. A quick therapeutic extract can be prepared from 1 liter of good vodka and 200 grams of plant root. The raw materials are filled with vodka only for one day. You should drink 50 ml per day, dividing the daily portion into 3 times. It is important to note that with an unbalanced soul, vodka tincture can become an additional irritant.

Nettle seeds

It is also possible to restore male strength with the help of pinched nettle seeds in a short time. This plant is also used to treat potency and eliminate urogenital problems. Herbal decoctions improve blood circulation and reduce any inflammation. The healing properties are based on the content of tannins, herbicides, vitamins C and K, as well as organic acids in nettle.

To use plant seeds to quickly increase activity at home, it is recommended to prepare a wine infusion from them. For 300 ml of boiling water, you will need 1 teaspoon of nettle seeds. The tool should be insisted for 30 minutes, drained and drunk in two doses. For 500 ml of wine, you will need 20 g of dried nettle seeds. The product is ready 14 days after injection in a glass container. It is recommended to take the drug a tablespoon before each meal. The course of treatment until the end of the prepared tincture.

There is a view that it is possible to eliminate the problems with the activity even by using fresh nettle leaves for the preparation of salad and green cabbage soup. An infusion of red wine, natural honey and nettle seeds, taken in equal proportions, has a unique effect on the male reproductive system. The recommended dosage is one teaspoon before meals. Nettle broth from 2 tablespoons. large. Fresh crushed leaves and a glass of boiling water can be taken twice as a tea drink.

nettle seeds for activity

Parsley recipes

Parsley is known to be a natural aphrodisiac due to its unique apigenin component. Scientists have found that regular consumption of the plant helps reduce the level of the female hormone estrogen and increase the production of male testosterone. There is improvement in the work of the pelvic organs, which contributes to the timely treatment of impotence.

Alternative medicine uses the roots and branches of parsley. A fast-acting drug is prepared from a mixture of parsley and coriander in equal proportions. Both dried and fresh plants are suitable for treatment. It is recommended to take 10 grams with each meal. You should consult a doctor before using a parsley for all uses with wine. The effect of taking it is fast, but it can manifest itself as nervous excitement.

How to cook:

  1. The recipe consists of 60 grams of parsley, 100 grams of chopped roses, 250 grams of any nuts and 300 ml of natural honey and red wine.
  2. The fully mixed ingredients are infused in a dark place for 12 days.
  3. The recommended intake is 3 times a day, 20 ml before meals.

The drug stimulates the production of male hormones and has been approved for use as a prophylactic agent for prostate adenoma.

Additional therapeutic measures

The return of sexual desire and the cessation of the development of impotence is possible only with a comprehensive approach to treatment. It is necessary to change the way of life, eliminating bad habits and unhealthy diet. Moderate physical activity, walking and swimming will allow a man to always keep himself in good shape. It is important for every adult man to include in the daily menu products that improve activity. The best of these are nuts, beef liver, seafood, fruits and herbs. To enhance male libido, it is helpful to eat fish oil, beef and chicken.

Experts recommend the following vitamins and minerals to increase sexual desire:

  1. Zinc. It is required for the active replenishment of cells during metabolic processes. Its deficiency causes a decrease in the number of sperm and damages their quality. The best choice to create a zinc balance in the body is to use seafood, chicken yolk and wheat bran.
  2. Selenium. It is directly involved in the synthesis of sex hormones and sperm. Decreasing its level in a man's body leads to genital dysfunction. You should include barley, lentils, nuts and seeds in your diet.
  3. Vitamin E. Designed to maintain the proper level of arsenic. Its lack causes infertility. Contained in cabbage, sea buckthorn, pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, sunflower oil and fish.
  4. B vitamins eliminate chronic fatigue and help maintain energy and endurance, which is especially important for maintaining strength in old age. It is necessary to use sunflower oil, seafood, nuts.

It is much easier to prevent congestion in the small pelvis and improve erection than to treat impotence later. The use of folk remedies for these purposes is much safer than treatment with synthetic drugs. However, the main condition for effective treatment with home methods is the mandatory consultation with the treating physician.