Which fruits are good for male potency?

Nuts are the fruits of certain shrubs or trees that have an edible core and a hard shell. They are "champions" in the content of substances useful for the human body, because they contain many vitamins, minerals, essential oils and vegetable protein, which is incredibly useful for all organs and systems. And it is precisely thanks to the unique nutritional composition that many experts today focus on how useful nuts are for strength in men, so it is necessary to discuss this issue in more detail.

nut for strength

What do you need to know?

The information that proper nutrition can solve many health problems and improve the condition of the whole body as a whole is not a secret, and today a healthy lifestyle, in which "proper nutrition" plays a key role, is promoted by almost everyone throughMASS MEDIA. However, in the context of this issue, it must be said that poor nutrition very often causes fertility (inability to have children or infertility) and erectile dysfunction in men. And nuts can help solve this problem.

Everyone knows the expression - strong as a nut, and there is not just one grain of truth, but the truth, because, according to research by scientists, men who eat a handful of this fruit a day are several times less likely to sufferfrom problems with activity and can boast of excellent sperm quality, therefore, it is not worth ignoring the information that nuts that increase activity should be in the diet of every male member of mankind.

According to international statistics, about 70 million couples in the world suffer from infertility or reduced fertility problems, and more specifically, almost every sixth family faces this, and in most cases it is the person who is to blame for this. Infertility usually occurs in the context ofinsufficient sperm count and poor quality (they may have reduced activity or irregular shape, for example), but erectile dysfunction is also a separate problem, namely the force, which (as you might guess) simply does not allow a man toconceives (although the psychological side is also worth mentioning here, because good power gives the male sex and confidence).

nuts to increase strength

The health benefits of nuts for men

The aforementioned product can be found in the diet of literally every person, and this fact pleases only scientists, because their composition is truly unique and with their help it is possible not only to cure male infertility and impotence, but also to normalize the wholeof the body as a whole. First of all, it must be said that people love this product for its pleasant taste and its useful properties prove to be a really pleasant bonus. Nuts can become a real healthy snack, after which a person will feel full for a long time, but they are used not only in cooking but also in traditional medicine, and before we talk about which nuts are usefulfor men for activity, it is worth saying that the presence of the following substances in the composition makes them useful:

  • kernels contain a large amount of vitamin E.
  • micro and macro elements, including magnesium, iron, phosphorus and manganese play a special role, because they have a direct effect on the human urinary system and normalize its function.
  • Fatty acids are useful for the work of the vascular system and are the nuts that are the top among other plant substances in their content (information has been proven and confirmed by relevant studies).
  • organic compounds that are useful for the work of the whole body as a whole and other therapeutic substances that make this food product essentially necessary in the human diet.
Brazilian nut for activity

It is necessary to describe the benefits of the product for a long time, because in addition to the information that is known to everyone about how useful nuts are for strength in men, it is worth knowing that their regular use improves the function of the peripheral nervous system. system (recommended for use with high blood pressure). The carbohydrates and healthy fatty acids contained in the composition are converted into energy, which is also due to the high content of magnesium and are therefore recommended to be used as an extremely healthy snack (recommended for use especially for those people who are indiet, because the fats contained in the composition do not help increase body fat, but, of course, you should not forget the dosage.

In addition, the fatty acids that are part of nuts help prevent the development of atherosclerosis, because they reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, which has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and improves erection (or prevents erectile dysfunction). Also, this product is suitable for people suffering from diabetes, because they reduce glucose levels and even improve the patient's condition.

At the same time, the ability of fruits to slow down the aging process of the body (due to the high content of useful vitamins, fatty acids and trace elements), to strengthen the body's immune system and prevent cancer.

And if we talk about which nuts are best for strength, then we can say that for this purpose the following types of them can be used:

  • walnuts?
  • cedar;
  • nutmeg;
  • Brazilian;
  • hazel;
  • almond;
  • peanut.
peanuts for strength

Nuts and power

Particular attention should be paid to how useful nuts are for activity and for this you should discuss the following information. A doctor from the University of California, Wendy Robbins, recently drew the public's attention to the properties of alpha-linoleic acid and its effect on the male body. He conducted a study described in the American journal "Biology of Reproduction", in which 117 men in the age group 21-35 years participated. They were divided into two groups, the first did not eat nuts and the second received 75 of this product daily (this "dose" was chosen due to the fact that the scientists calculated that it does not increase body weight, but at the same time increases the level of healthy fatsin the blood).

Studies have shown that after three months the sperm quality (ie motility, concentration and viability of the sperm) in the participants in the experiment (the second group) improved significantly. Wendy Robbins explains this with the fact that this product contains organic acids, namely alpha-linolenic and arginic acids, which have a direct effect on both sperm quality and improving blood microcirculation through the vessels in the pelvic organs. , and the last fact is that it has a positive effect on activity, so you can answer positively to the question if nuts help in activity, the main thing is to know exactly how they should be consumed and in what quantity. In addition, it must be said that this product contains a high content of zinc, which stimulates the production of male hormones that prevent the development of erectile dysfunction and allow the elimination of its effects.

Great!To treat impotence in men, walnuts were recommended for use by the founder of medicine, Avicenna, who was one of the first to observe how they increase sperm vitality and improve penile filling with blood (no less beneficialin the female body rather than in the male).

walnut kernels for activity

Brazilian nuts and their effect on the male body

Few people know that a rare endangered species of Capuchin owes its life to the much-loved Brazilian nuts. The fact is that this genus of monkeys is able to open the hard shell and reach the nutrient nucleus, which contains the supply of all useful vitamins and trace elements. The composition of the fruits of this tree contains a large amount of selenium and the amino acid arginine, which are considered the most powerful antioxidants.

The above ingredients can increase the level of testosterone in the blood of men, improve the quality and quantity of ejaculation and increase the level of sperm motility, which is often mentioned in the scientific literature.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that selenium is a preventative measure for prostate cancer and almost half of the male population of the planet suffers from this disease today and it is not surprising that people with such a diagnosis suffer from erection problems. Many good things can be said about arginine, because this acid stimulates the erection by improving blood flow to the penis (this amino acid increases the production of nitric oxide and causes the veins to dilate, which increases blood flow through thevascular).

When talking about which nuts increase the activity in men, you should not ignore the above information, because there are indications that eating two or three Brazilian nuts a day can meet the body's need for a daily dose of selenium and increase the malestrength, thus preventing the development of erectile dysfunction.

Great!Increasing the dosage of these nuts can lower the level of testosterone in the body (due to the very high concentration of selenium in the blood) and thus cause the development of erection problems, so it should not be abused.

Brazilian nut for activity

Hazelnuts and almonds

When talking about how nuts affect activity, special attention should be paid to the beneficial properties of hazelnuts and almonds. Chinese scientists believe that almonds are an extremely powerful medicine for activity and they are absolutely sure that only 30 grams of this product a day is enough and there will certainly be no problems with activity (the effect will be felt after a few months). enrichment of the diet).

Clinical studies have shown that regular consumption of almond for 2-3 years can increase the duration of contact by about 40% (clinical studies may be inaccurate and may vary from person to person). The result is achieved due to the fact that the composition of the kernel of the almond nut contains arginine, which has a direct effect on the wall of blood vessels, which allows them to expand and relax. Improved blood circulation has a positive effect on erectile function, but it is worth remembering that the best result is achieved by consuming almond 20 minutes before meals, so its beneficial substances are absorbed much better.

Although nuts are believed to be very beneficial for men, a recipe for activity may also include the use of hazelnuts, which contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. Regular consumption of hazelnut helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels and has a positive effect on blood circulation. Hazelnuts can be used to prevent and eliminate male diseases, therefore, experts recommend its use and therefore it is enough to eat only 50 grams of this product daily and it is not recommended to exceed the dosage, because hazelnut kernels contain a lot ofnutrients and fiber and their excess concentration can be fraught with side effects in the form of nausea, diarrhea and flatulence. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of fresh nuts, because they contain the largest amount of all useful substances.

It is worth avoiding the consumption of hazelnuts with intolerance to this product (allergic reaction to it), age over 50-60 years and problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

almonds and hazelnuts for strength


Talking about which nuts are useful for male potency, it is worth paying attention to pine nuts, which contain large amounts of zinc, arginic acid and vitamin E, that is, they are very useful for the normal functioning of the male reproductive system and normal erection. Cedar also helps to improve the vascular walls and allows you to remove cholesterol from the blood vessels, which makes it really necessary for males, while the daily dose is still 50 grams and can not be abused in any way, because otherwise it canlead to sharp set weight and health problems (it is better to prefer raw hazelnuts, because they do not bring the desired benefits when fried or salted). It is no secret how useful honey and nuts are for their activity, the recipe of which is mentioned in almost all sources of information related to the improvement of "men's health" and hazelnuts in this case are no exception. , therefore experts recommend preparing a medicine "based on them - to do this, you just need to take a tablespoon of pine nuts and mix them with two or three tablespoons of honey (to improve the taste, you can also addThis fruit is suitable for almost everyone except those who suffer from individual intolerance to drugs.

How effective is nutmeg for its effectiveness?

It would also be useful to mention how useful nutmeg is for its activity, because this spice, according to the latest statements of experts, allows not only the normalization of the erection process itself, but also the improvement of the ejaculation process by normalizing its duration. . This nut is in the form of a seed surrounded by a scales like a tree and is usually used as an effective spice with a sweet-spicy aroma.

Nutmeg has a beneficial effect on the body only in small quantities. Its therapeutic action is to stimulate the cardiovascular system and strengthen the central nervous system. Nutmeg-based pharmaceutical preparations are used by men who notice a decrease in sexual potency due to:

  • mood swings, excessive excitement before intercourse.
  • focus on past failures in intimate life.
  • physical or emotional stress;
  • constant stress and work conflicts.
  • chronic fatigue syndrome.

Nutmeg powder is used to neutralize the symptoms of psychogenic impotence, improve the control of the ejaculation process and prolong the intimacy time.

nutmeg for power

Recipes for the preparation of natural "medicines"

It is not enough to have information on which nuts for men are best used at home, but you should pay attention to the recipes for the preparation of "medicines" (although, as mentioned above, they can be easily and simply taken.

  1. Take a small glass jar (0. 5 liters or less is good) and fill it to the brim with peeled walnuts. After you have to fill the contents of the jar with honey. Adding additional ingredients to a traditional recipe will not only make the "doctors" healthier, but also much tastier. At the same time, experts recommend supplementing the homemade "pill" with nutritious active dried fruits, as well as lemon, which is a source of large amounts of vitamin C and a natural erection enhancer.
  2. The second recipe for honey and nuts for activity implies that you should take 100 grams of dried apricots, plums, raisins and dates. Pass them through a meat grinder and add 200 grams of nuts to the mixture. From 1 lemon it is necessary to extract the zest and juice - also mix them with the above ingredients. Pour the resulting yeast with a glass of bee honey and mix until smooth. To increase the effectiveness of this drug, you can mix honey with nuts of different types: nuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds. Many also claim that adding a few tablespoons of sour cream will also increase the nutritional value of the mixture, but add this ingredient "to taste".

Above, it has already been described in detail how the nut affects the strength of men. And, as you know, you can limit yourself to consuming 100 g of nuts a day, which, incidentally, will completely compensate for the lack of protein in the body, if any, and you will take a tablespoon of honey, or can use specially prepared recipes. The effectiveness in any case will be at the right level, as there are almost no products better than honey and nuts for effectiveness - reviews for men only hurt this information.

  • Walnut-honey milk. Pour half a glass of cold but boiled water into twelve chopped walnut kernels. After an hour and a half, drain the infusion and add two tablespoons of honey to it. Nut milk has a great effect during an erection.
  • Onion seeds are mixed with honey in equal proportions. To activate testosterone production, it is enough to drink 1 teaspoon of the mixture several times a day.
  • Honey and aloe. One kilo of peeled hazelnut is mixed with 100 ml of aloe juice and ground parsnip rhizome and then taken three times a day just before meals.
  • One third of the glass of honey is mixed in equal proportions with freshly squeezed carrot juice and taken before meals.
  • Honey and dried ginger root give a homogeneous texture and, with water, are taken before meals.
mix nuts with honey for strength

How to use?

It becomes clear how useful and easy to use nuts for men, the recipes for these drugs differ little from each other, therefore, the methods of obtaining the nutrient mixture are identical - as long as you eat 2 tablespoons a day. This dose can be divided into two doses (in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bed), or you can take a "loading" dose in the late afternoon, a few hours before bed (or sexual intercourse).

It is believed that consuming a dish of honey will be more effective if you drink the sweetness with a glass of milk. The fact is that the product is rich in calcium, zinc and magnesium - this trio, which is not a secret to anyone, is the basis for the production of the male hormone testosterone. A serving of fatty cheese, which is good as a healthy and nutritious breakfast, will offer about the same effect.

What is the best honey for making medicines?

It is not enough to know which are the best nuts for activity, because they are mainly used together with honey, so special attention should be paid to what kind of honey should be used for this purpose.

The greatest benefits for men bring honey from ginseng, as well as buckwheat, chestnut and flower nectar. If we take flower honey, then the most suitable plants to enhance men's health will be marjoram, jasmine and orchid.

To achieve the desired positive result, it is necessary to include honey in the daily diet. According to old customs, it is recommended to chew it in honeycombs, as they contain a huge amount of extra vitamins. Some experts recommend using honey in the morning on an empty stomach, slowly dissolving one or two teaspoons in your mouth and others - in the evening, two to three hours before bedtime.

The honey with walnut recipe is a champion in the synthesis of vitamins and also the most common method for increasing male desire. To do this, you need to mix crushed walnuts with honey, in a ratio of about 1: 1 and take this mixture for a month every day, one or two tablespoons. After a week of honey treatment, the patient will feel an improvement in sexual activity.

What can be said as a conclusion?

There are several ways to normalize men's health and nuts with honey for activity is not the only way to normalize the urogenital system and if a person has decided to use traditional medicine recipes to improve erection, then they shouldis prepared for the fact that the course of treatment will be quite long and the result of this will have to wait very far from it immediately. Positive and, most importantly, rapid changes can be expected while taking proven erectile dysfunction and erectile dysfunction medications, which are sold in pharmacies and are fully proven drugs.

a woman feeds a man nuts for strength

What should you look out for?

In addition to all the above, you should also pay attention to your general state of health and especially to monitor your diet and your own psycho-emotional state of the body. A healthy diet is the maximum intake of fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese, milk). You should also include only the healthiest fats in your diet, such as ghee. The use of alcohol, fried foods, white flour products negatively affects the condition of the body and male potency, so their use should be limited.

Regarding the psycho-emotional state, it must be said that it often affects sexual intercourse no less than a healthy diet. Confidential and happy mood, emotional relaxation, lightness, comfortable atmosphere - these factors constitute a favorable state of mind, which is necessary for a high quality sexual intercourse. If necessary, the moral attitude can always be adjusted in advance, so there are also many different methods, but the main thing in them is to relax and "let go".

Natural aphrodisiacs can enhance the effect of proper nutrition (not to mention the pills that can be found in adult food stores, and these include a lot of seafood, which is recommended to be included in the romantic dinner menu for quite a few obvious reasons.

a woman feeds a man nuts to increase activity